After a chaotic year of staying at home, high school seniors in 2021 can finally celebrate with their own graduation parties! Sure, the guest lists may be smaller, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your graduation party planning. Here are a few of our favorite graduation party planning tips:


Check the Venue

Whether you’re having the party at home or somewhere else, it’s best to consider what’s most convenient for anyone who wants to come to the graduation party. Take safety and convenience into consideration, especially when it comes to parking and accessibility. 


Set Clear Boundaries

A high school graduation party post-COVID means that sleepovers and all-night ragers might still not be a good idea. Plan on deciding a set time to send guests home. Let your senior know that their graduation party is not a time for foolishness! 


Ask others for help

Why worry about everything when it comes to planning that graduation party for your high schooler? Now’s also a good time to ask family, friends, and other parents to help out with the graduation party planning. You may delegate duties for the graduation party: one can take care of decorations, while another takes care of buying (and/or cooking) the food, and so on. 


Discuss party themes

A high school graduation party theme can elevate the celebration to a whole new level. Talk to your senior about the possibilities: Do they want a particular scheme based on their school colors? Is the dress code casual or formal? Depending on your budget and time limits, you can even extend the theme to food, music, and more!


Decide on when to save–and when to splurge

With smaller guest lists, graduation party planning means that you can save or splurge on things you may want to include in your party. Smaller high school graduation parties may mean different approaches: you can spend more on favors and decor, for example, while saving money on music and food. 

The possibilities for graduation party planning are endless! Give your high school graduate a party that they won’t forget. 

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