Come one, come all! There’s nothing that says “celebration” quite like a circus-themed party. This theme is especially popular with kids and families who want to experience the excitement of an old-time circus in their own time. (There’s a reason why The Greatest Showman is a hit with families!) We gathered the top circus party trends to give you an idea of what to expect from a party under the big top—wild animals optional! 

    • Décor: Traditional circus-themed party decorations are inspired by big-top tents in primary colors such as red, yellow and blue. A custom backdrop simulates the drapes of circus tents hovering over the party, be they behind the treat table, birthday celebrant’s gift corner, or even the dance floor where most of the action happens!
    • Balloons: Individual balloons in primary colors such as red, yellow and blue complement the color schemes of the big top-themed décor. To brighten up the party’s circus theme, try welcoming your guests with a “snack box” balloon column, with yellow and white balloons to simulate the colors of popcorn. 

    • Food: The best snacks to serve in circus-themed parties are the ones that can be eaten by hand. Hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels are classic circus snacks that anyone can enjoy! Pair them with desserts that go with the big-top theme, such as marshmallow barbells, candy apples, and cupcakes decorated with animal crackers.

    • Games: Ring tosses and knock-down cans are classic party games that are easy to set up and go great with the big-top atmosphere. For an easier circus-themed party game, fill up a large circus-style jar filled with candy (jelly beans and circus peanuts are great options) and have everyone write down their “guesstimates” of how many candy pieces are in the jar. Prizes await all!  
    • Entertainment: Since clown phobias can be serious with both kids and adults, some party planners have shifted towards clown-free entertainment at circus-themed parties. Try hiring a face painter or temporary tattoo artist that can work with the big-top party theme, and watch kids’ faces light up! 
    • Photo booths: Capture more of the big-top circus party atmosphere by setting up a photo booth with circus-themed props such as fake mustaches, top hats, wigs, and fake noses. Kids will especially love taking the silliest of pictures with the right props!  
    • Favors: No circus-themed party is complete without candy, so why not send some home with your guests? Put together goody bags filled with sweet treats such as lollipops, circus peanuts, or gumballs. Mini-boxes of animal crackers and Cracker Jack go with the spirit of the big-top theme, too.

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