Here in the United States, we celebrate most kids’ birthday parties with food, cake, and games. But do you know how kids’ birthday parties are celebrated worldwide? Let’s take a quick trip around the world to find out how people from other countries celebrate birthdays. 

For instance, did you know that there is a tribe in Ghana that celebrates the birth of their children on the day of the week that they were born? The celebration is called Krada which means “soul day.” This celebration is their way of giving tribute to the creator for giving them the gift of a child; the young one, after all, is an added soul to the family.

In the Middle East, and especially in Egypt, children’s birthdays are commonly celebrated with singing and dancing, with the party venue decorated with fruits and flowers. The fruits and flowers symbolize life and growth as the years go on.

The British practice their tradition of celebrating birthdays by sending out birthday cards, while Russians hold their birthday parties with pies instead of cakes. In Denmark, families raise their country’s flag outside their home whenever somebody in the house celebrates a birthday. 

Children from Chinese families who are celebrating their birthdays receive envelopes filled with money as a gift from their parents, and they pay their respects to their elders as tradition dictates. Family and friends are then invited to a feast featuring noodles, which signify productivity and long life.

The birthday child in India is showered with colorful clothes and chocolates, and the home is decorated with balloons and shredded colored paper. If the birthday falls on a school day, the child also gets to pass out chocolates to friends and classmates. 

We hope that these ideas give you some inspiration on how to celebrate your child’s birthday, or at least be inspired to honor the traditions of your own country or ethnic group. You may even want to start new birthday traditions of your own! 

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