Sport Enthusiast Dad: Take Him Out To The Ballgame

If your dad loves watching sports, you can bond with him on Father’s Day by watching the big game with him! Baseball season is still ongoing, and your local stadium will definitely have a few Father’s Day treats to enhance the experience. Can’t get tickets? Take him to the nearest sports bar and treat him to a few appetizers while you watch with the regulars on the big screen. 

Music-Lover Dad: Listen to His Tunes 

Got a dad who won’t shut up about his favorite albums? Make it a Father’s Day full of music by breaking out the old turntable and playing his records on vinyl from start to finish. You can bond with him over your favorite tracks, and even ask him about the special memories that he holds with every song. Don’t have a record player? Put the albums on blast on your at-home entertainment system, or just take him out for a drive with his music playing in the car.  

Handyman Dad: Tool Organization Time

This bonding move may involve a little more cleanup than usual on Father’s Day, especially if your dad is the stubborn type who doesn’t throw anything away. Don’t just pick up his tools for him; let Dad hold each one so he could tell you his reasons for keeping each item. Bond with him over stories about his tools and projects while you clean and organize them to keep them in tip-top shape. It’s a good way of clearing out the old to make room for the new–especially if it comes with a gift card and a trip to his favorite hardware store!

History Geek Dad: Museum Date

If your dad loves to talk about the good ol’ days, you’re in for a special treat! Take the whole day off on Father’s Day so you and the whole family can visit a museum that he hasn’t visited before. Watch his eyes light up as he checks out the history behind each exhibit, especially if the museum is related to specific things like cars or sports. After your visit, you can bond with Dad over the things you’ve learned from the museum, and maybe learn a little from each other in the process. 

Father’s Day is all about appreciating and bonding with our loving dads. Every dad is different, and yours will want to celebrate Father’s Day in his own way. Check out our fun ideas on how to bond with Dad on his own special day!

Gourmet Dad: At-Home Beer Tasting Party

Even if your dad has a go-to brand of beer, that shouldn’t stop you from inviting him to try out some new favorites to bond over on Father’s Day! Buy or order a selection of craft beers (local or otherwise) and include a few that he hasn’t tasted before. If you’re doing the beer tasting as a family, you can give everyone a scorecard to help rank the best-tasting beers of the bunch. You can also buy a beer tasting kit and find more beer-tasting rules online to guide you through the process.

This Father’s Day, try something different that will engage your own family and strengthen your ties with Dad. You’ll be amazed when he declares his special day as the best ever!

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