Every culture has a coming-of-age celebration of their own, but sometimes you’ve got to shake up your traditions a little bit with a fun theme for the party. Whether you’re celebrating a bat mitzvah, a quinceanera, a debut, or a super Sweet 16, there’s always a fun twist that you can add to make your soon-to-be adult child’s celebration the Best. Party. Ever. Dramatic gifts are optional!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah (13-14 years): Black and White Ball

The temptation is strong to go all-out for a bar or bat mitzvah, but to keep things elegant without the extravagance, why not start with the simplest modern party theme ever? Have everyone dress up in their best black-tie formal wear, and add monochromatic place settings to go with the food. With a simple but striking theme like this, you can carry on with the rest of the celebration–and still have a Pinterest-worthy party to remember!

Quinceanera (15 years): Wild West Celebration

Put on your cowboy boots and dance! The Western-themed quince is a relaxed but contemporary take on the traditional Latino coming-of-age ceremony. Male entourage members (chambelanes) can dress up in blue jeans and hats, while the females (damas) can choose to don their best corseted gowns. Put up bandanna-print banners for added flair and have a photo booth ready to capture your guests in full Western gear.

Sweet 16 for Girls: Candy-Colored Fantasy

Hear us out: we’re talking about the 16th birthday here, and it’s the last hurrah for your daughter’s childhood before she comes of age. Celebrate it with a contemporary candy-themed Sweet 16 party! Start with a candy-inspired color scheme–from the dress code and invites to balloons and decor–and set up bowls of bite-sized sweets as centerpieces for each table. You can also take it a little further with a candy cart for customized goody bags.

Sweet 16 for Boys: Ultimate Jock Jam

This athletic theme is the modern coming-of-age version of the kiddie sports party. Have all guests dress up in jerseys and uniforms, and decorate the venue with sports memorabilia from his favorite team. Serve sports-inspired drinks in a punch bowl along with finger food like hot wings and sliders. Don’t forget the ESPN-worthy highlight montage of your son’s best moments, too!

Filipino Debut (18 Years): Celebrity Glam Banquet

For this glamorous and modern coming-of-age party theme, decorate with sparkling lights and shades of gold. Play sweet acoustic music for the 18-member cotillon/entourage program, then switch it up with a tear-jerking favorite for the father-daughter dance. You can also upgrade the rice-meal buffet with luxurious food such as roast beef and salmon, and serve sparkling “mocktails” in toast-worthy champagne flutes.

Ultimately, the decision to go with a theme for the traditional coming-of-age party is up to you and your birthday celebrant. Talk to your family to explore your options within your budget, and if you see a theme that you like–regardless of which tradition you follow–go for it!

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