Face painting is a popular activity at kids’ parties, and for good reason: what kid would not love roaming around the place  “wearing” their favorite characters on their faces? And there’s now a wide range of face painting patterns to choose from, including abstract designs and butterfly wings. While professional face painters are in demand, there are parents who want to try their hand at face painting as well. We recommend following these basic guidelines to ensure that every guest is safe and comfortable at your party, regardless of who paints everyone’s faces!

Do your due diligence

Consider the possibility that accidents, infections, and allergic reactions are possible with face painting, whether you’re hiring a face painter or doing it yourself. Kids have more sensitive skin than adults, so make sure to tell parents beforehand that there will be face painting at the party. That way, parents can give their permission and inform you of any risks that may be present. Remember, safety and consent are very important for kids!

Choose safe materials

A professional face painter should be able to inform you if the paint that they use is free from allergens, but do your research into ingredients if you’re going to buy and use your own face paints. We recommend water-based paints that have passed FDA standards for cosmetics and  can be easily wiped off or cleansed with water and a gentle cleanser. We also recommend taking care not to paint over open wounds, cuts, or skin rashes to avoid nasty infections. 

Keep your tools handy

Face paint is still considered makeup, and as any makeup artist knows, it always helps to have the cleanest tools at hand. If you’re going the DIY face-painting route, have a lot of brushes and stable sponges to use. Make sure to have enough water to clean your tools once they’re done. We also suggest having one brush for each color to lessen the chances of dirty brushes going into different colored paints, resulting in muddy and un-blendable colors. 

Offer a variety of designs and options

Do they want to look like a superhero or a wild animal? Do they want crowns painted on their foreheads, or flags on their cheeks? How much of their faces do they want to cover? Have a lot of design options at hand, as long as you or your face painter are able to work with what the kids want. Some home face-painting kits also include stencils for tracing designs over kids’ faces, so you can work with as many new and different designs as you wish. 

Be as careful as possible

Kids can be restless, ticklish, and a little sensitive, especially when their faces are being painted. To avoid accidents, ask them first where and how they want to be painted, and use a gentle and careful hand with your painting tools so you don’t accidentally poke them. 

Whether you’re hiring a professional or going the DIY route, face painting at parties should be safe and fun for everyone! Make sure to be diligent and careful, and you too will have a great time with all the painted faces at your own party!

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