If you want to try something new for your kids’ birthday parties, look no further than the art party! It’s a great way to introduce your kids to the creative process, paying close attention to colors and textures as they create their own masterpiece. The best part is that it’s not that hard to have your own art party at home! All you need is a little creativity in planning and execution.

The Concept

Incorporating the art theme for kids’ parties requires a lot of room to move around. Remember that kids will need their space to work on whatever creative project they decide to do at the party, so you will need enough tables and chairs for your guests. Kids can do their art while waiting for the food to be served, but you can also schedule the art session after they have eaten their meals as well.

The Supplies

The good news is that art supplies for kids don’t have to always be expensive and complicated. There are a lot of affordable options for kids’ art, from coloring books to paper in bulk. We suggest choosing a medium that kids can work with safely, like non-toxic paints or pencils, so they can have as much fun as possible without risking their health.

If having a full-blown art party is too much for you, we suggest that kids stick to a single project throughout the party, like watercolor paintings or tie-dyed T-shirts.

Our No-Fail Art Party Tips

We want your art-themed party to be a success, so we’ve compiled a few tips that would help you make the most out of your art party and keep your venue of choice clean. This should ensure that everyone will have a fun time making art at your party!

  • Cover the painting area with old newspapers to avoid making a mess on the floor.
  • Provide aprons or old clothes to protect everyone’s clothing during the party–or, better yet, incorporate them into the party’s dress code so everyone can get messy!
  • Brief everyone on basic safety guidelines before they get started on their art. Let kids know that the party is a safe space for them to explore their creativity!
  • Instead of stamps or brushes, try using everyday household objects such as sponges or corks.
  • Use egg cartons as palettes for mixing paints.
  • Let kids take home their art as keepsakes from the party–it’s a great way to make kids happy!

Remember that art parties are supposed to provide kids with a safe way to express themselves. The main objective is to have hands-on fun with their own creativity, so try hosting one for your child today!

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